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Business Name Registration or Transfer

How do I start a new Business Name Registration or Transfer?

We can assist with Registering or Transferring your Business Name.

Simply fill in our form below. We will review all of your details and contact you with any questions. We will personally prepare your documents.??


  • $252 (including GST and ASIC fee of $87 for 3 years registration).


Q & A ???Business Name Registration or Transfer

The questions and answers below are for information purposes only and are not advice. You should arrange your own legal, accounting, financial and other advice.

1. What is a Business Name?

An entity trading in Australia that operates under a name other than the legal name of the entity (e.g. the legal name of the individual, partnership or company), must register the Business Name with ASIC. ASIC provides a free search function to check whether a business name is available, which can be found at

We can assist you with registering your Business name.

2. Can I transfer my Business Name?

Yes, Business Names may be transferred from one entity to another. For example, a Business Name may be transferred where a business is sold, or the legal structure of the business is changed. Please fill out the online form above and we can assist you with this process.


You should not rely solely on the information in these questions and answers because they are of a general nature only and the tax and commercial laws apply differently to different people and circumstances. Also as the law changes constantly, there may have been changes to the law since these questions and answers were written. None of the information is intended to be legal, accounting, financial or other advice. You must not act on the information. You must seek your own legal, accounting, financial and other advice.
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